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New ambasador of Arriba

26 listopada 2012, 18:55
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While we were searching for new interpretation of the Up way of living we have met Rych, Soccer freak and most of all Polish precursor of one of the styles of freestyle football. We're talking about dancing battles with the ball, known as the Ground. You will learn more about it in the news. In the meantime, take a look at a video sent by Rychu and read a few sentences about our new ambassador.

Damian Gawrych, nicknamed "Rychu" age 22, for 7 years strongly associated with street football in Poland and around the world. To improve skills in his new hobby, he resigned from football training. In 2005-2008, released a number of amateur films, presenting the level of the game, which at the time he had. In 2008, he began to record his own instructional videos. They were targeted at young people wishing to start training.

In 2008, he took part in the first Polish Cup category "Ground 1v1". This event was successful for Rych. The first place he had taken, as it turned out, was a big motivation. Another success that came was 1st place in the Polish Cup (2010_ in Jaktorowo), and 1st place in the national league, "Miss 1vs1 StreetAce 2012". In the same year he founded an academy for children and young people engaged in the education of street ball, and the style of "Ground".

At the moment Damians priority is to spread sport "Pana" and Street Soccer in Poland. As he says, his head is full of ideas, and he is highly motivated to achieve them. We believe that the joint efforts with Arriba will allow to fulfill his goals, and our brand will be recognized among the people from the underground football.
It is our common goal.
Keep your fingers crossed!


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