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New world ambassador of the Arriba brand

29 listopada 2012, 12:49
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The arriba team has just gained a new ambassador and a tester for new wingy clothes - Juli.
Who is Juli?
This is not the right question. It is more appropriate to ask "where is Juli?"
You can learn more about her from her blog "where is Juli" in which she will describe her travel around the world for the next half a year.
By following her adventures you will take part in an international city game - an
Interactive adventures. Without moving from your computer you'll visit places you haven't heard about. Many of you have dreamt about such a journey, but who could afford leaving their jobs, families and spending all savings to go into the unknown with a "hey adventure!" Cheer on their lips? Probably not many. Thank God we have Juli, who will pave the way, inspire spontaneity and familirize us with the unknown. 
Apart from discovering new places, making new friendships and exploring the beauty of the fourth planet in the solar system, Juli will undertake an extremely import_ant and very responsible mission to test Arriba's clothing under camp conditions. She will check whether our snapback provides an effective protection from the Thai heat, if the top will endure the Malesian climate, whether the sweatshirt will protect her from the windy weather in New Zealand and if the t-shirts will become popular in Cuba and Peru.
This and many other questions will be answered as we read the blog and Facebook profile. Look into it, support her effort with some comments and keep your fingers crossed for our Juli - world ambassador of the Arriba brand!


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