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Arriba as a Canvas

3 grudnia 2012, 13:35
Ocena 5.00
With the new t-shirts collection we went a step further. We decided to leave our shirts in the hands of artists and fulfill the idea of ARRIBA as a canvas.

The spring collection became a medium of artistic expression for transforming the streets of the cities into art galleries.
Artists had complete freedom to interpret our slogan (live UP, Arriba!), which as a result gave us seven variants of t-shirts.

Among the artists who were invited to work, there were:

SEPE. There is rather no need to indroduce this artist to wider audience. He is known for his remarkable works of large dimensions, which you can enjoy throughout the country. He feels comfortable working on canvas too, which resulted in two patterns designed for us. ENT and ANGEL


KOXU. On daily basis he's a representative of JUICY COLORS and DOBRE MORDY. Graffiti artist, painting mostly characters, graced the flagship store ARRIBA SHOP (feel invited!) with his works. He designed for us two formulas: PRINCESS and HORNY DOG.

LUILULA. Luiza contributes to Creature Industry every day. The mascots she designed have already found a host of fans. She made two optimistic designs for us - MUSHROOM and JUMP.

Akuma 101. Maniac of style straight from Japan. Even the stage name speaks for itself. Prepared two formulas for us. One used in a limited edition series of collaborative t-shirts with Tisztelet Sound. The second is a variation of his angelic version of - ANGEL.

Szyman SC. Templates Virtuoso. You can admire his work in the cities of Poland, but we're intentionally not going to say where his creations can be found. If you look at his work, you will recognize the nature of it. Szyman SC prepared for us the shirt model – BIRD.


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