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18 stycznia 2013, 14:48
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We are pleased to present you the results of our latest collaboration.
Along with the brand Nodo and the team Dobre Mordy (Juicy Color Brand) we created a strictly limited Arriba Pack (100p only), which includes: a watch, t-shirt, stickers and box for holiday postcards.
Nodo wanting to show up on the Polish market proposed cooperation to three native clothing brands, including Arriba. Coordinator and initiator of our work was editor of Street Mag. Each of the brand had complete freedom decorating and shaping, we got the same guideline, to design our own distinctive watch and t-shirt.
For a long time we were wondering how to enclose our alternative approach UP, how to give love to all your extraordinary way of being. We thought of climate Art and we treated our watch as blank canvas giving it to artists. We invited team Dobre Mordy (Juicy Color Brand). The main performer of the project was KOXU. Together we came to the conclusion that the climate UP we will achieve by distinguishing our watch from the competition.
The assumption was one - watch should be unique.
The leitmotif was mad zombie. In decoration of the watch we used a pool of possibilities: coloring shield, steel engraving, embossing items on the belt. At the same time we made T-shirt that have extended graphics from the watch. That's how LOCO came into being. 
The kit is available in ArribaShop and selected shopping malls


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