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Arriba with African Soul

23 kwietnia 2013, 12:27
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Spring for good has established in the Slavic land, but before that happened we have taken serious steps to bring the tropical heat on our frosted heads. While frost was sweeping polish windows, we decided to counter-attack. With above-average commitment we brought in the basin of the Vistula hot cloth straight from Africa. During the expedition we lost our camels and our machete blunted, but it was worth it. In our secret labs in Central Europe we transformed patterned fabrics in high quality 5panels. Of course, we did our best to make the hats keep their shape even after a crashing it by rhino (under the fabric we fixed a special net). We threw some leather items from our dead camel friends (in nature nothing is wasted). And yet to be more original, we decided to slightly differentiate from the competition by making our panels a bit deeper than the standard (that's why fans of snapbacks should be happy with them too). All individualists! We inform you that every cap is different (because of routing pattern on the fabric), and each color was created in just 30p.
With pride we present you the first two 5panels by Arriba - African Orange and Green Jungle!
As for the spring ... your welcome, you don't have to thank me. You deserve it ;]


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