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'MapleStory 2' awakening update adds a new level, increases the level cap, dungeon, etc

12 czerwca 2019, 05:11
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MapleStory 2 is one of the most customizable MMORPGs. You'll find colorful 3D landscapes to explore, lots of new and familiar enemies to conquer, and lots of exciting bosses to fight. Choose your course and start your journey, the rest is up to you! The game implements a powerful set of characters, a new progression and growth system, and a world-building tool that redefines MMORPG types by allowing players to customize everything.

MapleStory 2 redefines the role-playing game type, fully dedicated to creativity, providing players with powerful characters and world-building tools that enable them to express themselves in ways never before possible. Players can design everything from clothing and equipment to dream homes: your only limit is your imagination. But that's okay, you can use your Maplestory M Mesos to do a lot of experimentation and express your thoughts.

Customize your heroes, start epic quests, build your dream world, explore the new dimensions of the MapleStory world, and the passionate Maplers companion community.

Large-scale content updates provide players with a new melee focus forward level, increased level caps, added a second position for all levels, introduced new chaotic assaults and hard dungeons and unlocked the eyes of Lapenta, including an upgrade Weapons, the most powerful equipment in the game!

As more skills bring more challenges. Extensive content updates will drive players into the new Hard Dungeons and Chaos Raids, including Normal and Hard variants. The update includes six new Hard Dungeons, giving players the chance to get Frontier, Tidemaster and Demonwing epic gear. With three new Chaos Raids, players can challenge Pink Bean for the first time in MapleStory 2 and get legendary gear such as Enigma, Behemoth and Dark Vanguard. There are many gains in this update!

The last and most exciting is the eye of Lapenta, a new area of up-and-coming, fascinating storylines that includes four underground cities that are more challenging than Chaos Raids. With the advent of new areas, the new customizable skill system uses Lapenshards. Lapenshards is a unique gem in one of three colors, introducing a new set of passive and active skills that players can customize to unlock their full power. By clearing the last dungeon in Lapenta's eyes, players can also get a new level 60 Ascendant gear. This equipment is not available for purchase with Maplestory Mobile Mesos, which is Lapenta's unique attraction for players.

In addition, players who log in before June 26 will receive the Striker Daily Wonder on their first character. Players who log in every day will receive more items, including the Canola Bonito ground mount, the floating Lotus air mount, the Iron Fist Knuckles weapon skin for the Striker class, and the full Hysteria Outfit skin.

By June 26th, Maplers with a new role will be awarded 3 levels each time they upgrade through the Summer Burning Campaign, and new equipment will be acquired at Level 60 to meet future challenges.

Get ready to enter the new look of the Maple Leaf world, because you and your friends will encounter vivid 3D landscapes, numerous special events and exciting mini-games, as well as familiar and completely original enemies. Your new MapleStory is waiting to be shared, and we can't wait to get started!


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