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Neighborhood seems to OSRS gold have responded

19 stycznia 2021, 02:50
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Neighborhood seems to OSRS gold have responded

Pretty much, it's a great deal easier and quicker to discover defects than to mend them, but they have been making a genuine effort. Like making a C++ client for steam is a fairly major deal for how little the neighborhood seems to OSRS gold have responded. It is not an immediate resolution like suddenly having runelite as the official client on all platforms, but it is a step towards a great deal of things we have been requesting for years.

OSRS has turned into a good deal more devs and servers throughout 2020, so yeahit looks like at least a bit of the increase in revenue/profit has been reinvested.

I fear that osrs getting the main cash cow incentivises jagex to drive for more money grabbing practices in the sport.

I am hoping it reveals Jagex that you don't require intrusive MTX to create something that is extremely rewarding in this era.I hope it is the stage they unavoidable remove mtx out of rs3, in which case Im convinced a great deal of players may go back to the game, increasing even further the subscription count. Very farfetched but yeLikely unlikely to Buy Runescape gold get removed entirely. However, I understand RS3 players have desired an MTX reform and Jagex talked about doing it before making a few small adjustments and then deciding not to follow through.

At least from what I have seen about the subreddit and such, most RS3 players are not a lover of MTX but a lot of them would be a lot happier with it is that they toned down or removed the P2W elements (e.g. buying exp) and pushed less MTX promotion (or at least had more real upgrades per week after week of MTX promos and little else).

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