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Realm Royale is a new game mode for Hi-Rez’s hero shooter

2 sierpnia 2019, 02:56
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The Realm Royale was released on Steam in early June and attracted public attention quickly. Famous Twitch ribbons like Ninja and Dyrus have played games on Steam widely and managed to reach a large audience. Currently, players can get instant access to games on the Xbox One and PS4 through Founders Pack. This makes it a good time to explain what distinguishes the Realm Royale from other games in this genre.

During a keynote presentation at the Hi-Rez Expo last week, Royale Realm brand director Rory Newbrough admitted that the team had been "fascinated" by the initial response to the game. However, in a later interview, he hinted that the level of success achieved at the start of the game's life might be the cause of his fall.

Realm Royale begins life as Paladins Battlegrounds, a new game mode for shooter hero Hi-Rez, who watches the character cast transported to a team-focused battle. However, it didn't take long before the Paladin brand was canceled for more general fantasy settings. Newbrough cites many reasons for the change - of which is that the Paladins class is made for very strict meta-roles, while different roles mean that booty sharing doesn't work. Most importantly, Hi-Rez quickly discovers that Battlegrounds divides the Paladins playerbase between those who want traditional hero shooters and those who want to play royale battles. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Realm Royale Crowns for players.


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