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WoW Classic Guide: Best add-ons for new comers

19 grudnia 2019, 08:57
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World of Warcraft has changed greatly in the past 15 years, and it has basically developed into a game completely different from Vanilla World of Warcraft. In the updates and expansions released over the years, Blizzard has added a lot of useful features, which has provided a lot of help for players to experience the game easily. But this is not the case for WoW Classic players. WoW Classic is based on version 1.12 of World of Warcraft and is the most original game. The UI and task design that players see in the game are stuck in 2004, which makes it very difficult for some beginners. But don't worry, some users have developed many useful add-ons for this. Keep reading this Vanilla WOW Gold article, you will know their names and basic functions, and choose according to their needs.

There is no doubt that these add-ons will make your adventure easier and get a better gaming experience.

If you are a beginner who wants to level up quickly, these two add-ons are perfect for you:
Azeroth Auto Pilot
For beginners, reaching level 60 in WoW Classic is a difficult challenge. Even those veteran players with more than ten years of gaming experience will need to spend nearly 200 hours to reach level 60, that is, if you do n’t eat and rest, you also need a full week to complete this goal.
So beginners and those who have forgotten most of the game need help from Azeroth Auto Pilot. This plugin is different from the traditional task plugin. It will recommend the easiest tasks for you based on your character's current level, rank, and area, so that you avoid those task routes with less reward. No matter if your character is level 1 or level 59, Azeroth Auto Pilot can guide your adventure.
It ’s essentially a handhold through leveling, trying to get you where you need to be as painlessly as possible. That includes skipping quests not worth your time, and pointing you toward quests you might not find on your own. For me, ZZWOW add best site for players getting WOW Classic Gold.

Questie Classic
This plugin is very different from Azeroth Auto Pilot. He will not guide you, but you can see the optional tasks and the location of the task targets in various areas on the map, so that you can choose your best route and greatly improve your efficiency. If you can't find Mankrik ’s wife, you just need to install it to get its specific location.
The problem with this plugin, of course, is that it makes you ignore task text and makes the task uninteresting. But if you want to level up to 60 as soon as possible, using Questie Classic and Azeroth Auto Pilot at the same time is the best choice.

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