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Metalminal Storms affecting the star system appeared in EVE

1 września 2020, 08:46
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Interstellar pirates, crooks, and alien invaders continue to appear in EVE. The existence of these villains makes players feel insecure for a long time. However, the latest update makes the situation worse, because players will face a new threat: storm. Under the influence of the storm, players will have to change the way the game is played.

The galaxy in the game started a huge storm after the latest update. According to analysis, these storms seem to be related to the chaotic energy brought about by the Triglavian invasion, and this kind of weather phenomenon called "Metalminal Storms" will randomly appear in different star systems. The storms spread through the jump gate network that players use to travel the stars and reach out several light years in all directions from their origin, spreading their effects across massive regions of space. Although this phenomenon will completely disappear in a few days, But during this time, they will spread the effect of distorting the game to new areas, which is a huge disaster for some players.

Of course, high risks mean high returns. If players dare to take risks and enter those systems that are affected by the core of the storm, they can get unique resource rewards. Those resources that would only appear in the depths of space will be dragged into the affected system by these storms, and those brave and lucky players can get the opportunity to Buy EVE Echoes ISK mine these resources and convert them into a huge number of EVE Echoes ISK. Not only that, the storm will also weaken the veil between the known universe and the Abyssal space that the invading Triglavian faction comes from, allowing some systems to produce NPCs that would not otherwise appear.

The way players fight in systems affected by the storm will also be changed. There are a total of eight different types of Metalminal Storms currently known, each of which will provide specific combinations of buffs and debuffs for ships in the affected area. For example, certain storms can make your ship stronger, but once it is damaged, your ship will be more difficult to repair. There are also storms that can greatly increase the power of naval guns and reduce the weapon damage of drones. In general, in each storm, there will always be a specific type of ship that will get the most benefit.

Some players who lack the adventurous spirit hope to avoid the storm altogether, while others try to make full use of the beneficial effects of the storm. Therefore, many players in the game community called for the creation of a website to forecast the weather conditions in EVE and continue to track the movement of the storm in the galaxy. Judging from the current situation, it is only a matter of time before all EVE players obtain useful in-game weather forecasts, because other content built around the game by the EVE community has achieved good results. EVE: Echoes released in the middle of last month is the mobile version of the well-known MMORPG EVE Online, which basically restores the core content of the game on mobile devices. Like EVE Online, the common currency in EVE: Echoes is still EVE Echoes ISK. Every player should prepare a large number of ISK to purchase resources or deal with unexpected situations. I recommend players to go to MMOWTS to purchase, because their efficient service is amazing.

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