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24 lutego 2020, 09:18
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Virtualization today extends not only to servers, but also to networks and storage systems - this is required by a business that is not ready to pay for unused IT resources, and which even require a lot of time for their deployment.The entire company's strategy will now be built around SDN and SDDC (Software Defined Data Center). Software-Defined Data Center), with which you can automate standard functions like creating virtual machines and allocating storage resources.SDN tools make cloud management more efficient and easier.For the corporate sector, this is the ability to manage and optimize complex infrastructure, and for medium and small businesses it is an instrument for working effectively with public clouds.

Modern trends, such as an increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet, an exponential increase in the volume of information, the development of cloud technologies, BYOD, big data, are changing the corporate telecom.The volume of network traffic is growing, and business increasingly has the need to configure large-scale networks.

Simplify this task can technology software-defined networks SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and functional virtualization of networks NFV (Network Function Virtualization), which allow you to transfer network elements under the control of custom software, make them more intelligent, easier to manage them.

Traditional network management usually requires setting up each device connected to the network separately.For example, configuring a VLAN access control list on several Cisco switches inevitably entails logging into each and making the necessary settings.A similar approach has worked successfully in the past, but can become time-consuming when organizations add devices brought by employees and numerous cloud services to the network.

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