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NBA 2K21 new version welcomes Manu Ginobili back to the series

22 września 2020, 07:45
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Although the Spurs’ best sixth man, Manu Ginobili, has retired for several years, he has returned in this year’s NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. It bound the pink diamond version of him to provide players with the opportunity to enhance the lineup. In the new IDOLS package, Ginobili’s card is the highest prize players can get. 2K used the older Ginobili rendering instead of the younger version of the Argentinian great. Players who want him can start buying some NBA 2K21 MT.

Besides the Ginobili card, there are other celebrities, such as A Diamondzo Alonzo Mourning and Amethyst Kristaps Porzingis. The Mourning card adds some precious height to Amethyst Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But he has more than blocks in most areas including blocks, free throws, standing dunks, back hooks, back moves, steals, perimeter defense, interior defense, and all rebounding categories which make him the best center in the current mode and the best card in the entire combination.

Although Ginobili’s pink diamond version of the card is very good, but if players compare him with the amethyst version of the Allan Houston card, it is definitely not as good as the latter. In other words, if players are determined to get Manu Ginobili because there is not a good shooting guard in the lineup, they may have to pay a lot of money to achieve their goals. By the way, it sells as high as 175,000 VC in the PS4 auction house.

Players who want to get him can first go to Buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS because the website will help players save a lot of money. And the players who get him can also form a Spurs legendary lineup as long as they have collected the other superstar players of the Spurs.


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