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NBA 2K20 players commemorate George Freud

3 czerwca 2020, 11:26
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As we all know, NBA 2K20 MT is a game everyone loves. Players can Buy NBA 2K20 MT coins to play the game more smoothly. Due to the recent corona virus attack, many sad things have happened. Just a few days ago, the NBA 2K community expressed great concern and anger at the unjust killing of George Freud by the former Minneapolis police. Protests across the country have spread widely, putting the situation on the world stage. NBA 2K20 players are working hard to protest the game and commemorate Freud.

There is a picture of the players in the tweet, they commemorate Freud on the empty court. NBA 2K's popular employee and 2KTV host Chris "LD2K" Manning also supports the cause on his personal Twitter page. NBA 2K20 imitates the recent riots by imitating game stores as if they were robbed. The demonstrations included virtual protests, in which players raised their arms on the court, symbolizing the nickname "raise your hand, don't shoot."

Freud is a close friend of former NBA player Stephen Jackson. Since the death of his friend, he has been vigilant about the brutal behavior of the police and has received support from the entire basketball community, including NBA 2K20. They were able to play roles in the game like Jackson, and even created custom cosmetics inspired by Freud and sports. Some people even posted tutorials on how to make Floyd's real faces, but these videos were marked as offensive. However, the impact of this situation on the NBA 2K20 community and the entire world is obvious.

Speaking of returning to the game, the highly anticipated game NBA 2K21 MT is about to be released. Due to the outbreak of this epidemic, people can only stay at home. After the game is released, it will definitely be particularly hot, and players can accumulate NBA 2K21 MT coins as soon as possible Prepare for the new version.


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