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New RuneScape skill, Old School Expansion Coming Soon

3 lipca 2020, 08:08
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After its annual exhibition Runefest 2019, Jagex revealed a new skill of RuneScape, while Old School RuneScape will be enhanced by a major expansion.

Jagex said: "RuneScape will launch a new archaeology skill in January 2020 to explore its past. During the RuneScape keynote, RuneScape will be unveiled on RuneFest. It will be the game’s first new skill in four years and will Become its 28th skill to upgrade players." The generation of new skills requires players to spend a certain amount of Runescape Gold, and now Buy RS Gold at RSGOLDB2C, you will be able to easily obtain new skills.

At the same time, on the old-school RuneScape, Jagex announced the expansion plan of Morytania: "This will open the vampire city Darkmeyer to desktop and mobile players. The previously inaccessible cities will showcase new activities and new advanced agility courses. In addition to the new In addition to the skill content and the nightmare of the new team boss, Ashihama, this expansion will also provide the penultimate mission in the Myreque series, "Father's Sin." The Morytania expansion project will begin in early 2020."

Jagex provided more detailed information about RuneScape’s upcoming archaeological skills: “Players can find multiple excavation locations in the game world, looking for ancient handicrafts as a reward. When they explored excavation sites, they found powerful Cultural relics and weapons, as well as knowledge and demon treaties lost over time."

Also, Jagex announced a further addition to RuneScape: "The game will be based on the contents of "Space and Time" this summer, and the launch of "Ranch Time." The Ranch enables players to lift, cultivate and raise huge Gielinorian dinosaurs It will be launched in the game before the end of this year. The arrival of The Ranch Out of Time content will also increase the level cap of two of RuneScape’s existing skills from 99 to 120: Farming and Herblore, which will enable players to move from dinosaurs Harvest new agricultural products and original extracts from your body to make powerful potions.

Also, the mission line and lore of the new season starting from desperate measures will start in 2020. " For more news about RuneScape, please follow the RSGOLDB2C website, You can Buy RS3 Gold at our store, our price is very affordable.


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