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RuneScap Created Desperate Measures During Quarantine

1 sierpnia 2020, 05:33
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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused great damage to the entertainment industry. According to a survey of 2500 people conducted by the Game Developers Conference before next month's Pure Digital Summer Conference, One-third of developers stated that COVID-19 caused delays. Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 was a recent noticeable delay, and the game was given a new release window at Microsoft's Xbox Series X showcase on Thursday. In this environment, Jagex hopes to provide players with some fun through RuneScape's "Measures of Despair" update. It is a pity that the pandemic makes people stay at home and play Runescape. As the best partner of Runescape players, you can Buy RS3 Gold in our store, which can help you very well.

Since the transition of RuneScape from Java-based Old School RuneScape (OSRS) to HTML-based RuneScape 3 in 2013, He has always been engaged in and insisted on being responsible for this project. He said that the idea of forcing players to wait a few months for larger content wait times is "wrong practice." Instead, Jagex's current publishing model is to publish content monthly so that players can visit the site. The content is not always a huge story pursuit, it may only have some new goals, with "counter-attack rewards." Osborne says that even these small events can build momentum in the overall narrative.

Even during the global pandemic, the attention of RuneScape fans is reflected in how to design new tasks based on individual cases. Fletcher (Fletcher) is responsible for coordinating the team that handles the story of The Ancient Gods, and he said that the developers are very active on social media. Crowther said that the reactions of the fans are different. Although not every player likes every content, the team hopes that their ongoing mission line can attract a crowd who has been yelling for narrative.

RuneScape Mobile is so successful in accelerating membership on all platforms that designing content for mobile devices has become a top consideration for developers. Osborne said the addition of player-owned farms last year is an example because they are "designed to play on the toilet." OSRS is a similar game, it is a Java version of the game, recently has its own mobile port. Contents such as the nightmare of the 80 players of Old School RuneScape on the Ashahama raid are still being created.

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