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Discussion on the future development of RuneScape

10 sierpnia 2020, 05:10
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MMORPG is designed to last for many years, to provide support for a huge community of players when exploring in an interconnected world, searching for loot, and completing evolving story missions. For games like RuneScape that have existed in different forms since 2001, the scope of these tasks must be expanded to help maintain the investment of their audience. This morning, the developer Jagex released the trailer for RuneScape's "Measures of Despair" update for the first time, in which players must stop destroying all creatures in the universe. When you get into difficulties during the game, you can Buy Cheap RS3 Gold at RSGOLDB2C, which will be able to help you effectively.

Desperate Measures" marks the latest version of the "Elder God" questline that Jagex started in 2014 after completely modifying the game to HTML-based iteration RuneScape 3. In a mission called Sliske's Endgame in 2016, players encountered the mortal lives of the ancient god Jas who threatened to destroy if they could not prove its value. This was followed by the "Desperate Times" mission line, in which the Council of Leaders from Gilnot World developed a plan to stop this threat before being betrayed. Game Rant talked with Jagex chief designer David Osborne, senior game designer Tim Fletcher, and chief content developer James Crowther to discuss how the update of RuneScape's desperate measures will continue this story with the game's new archeological skills.

According to Crowther, Crowther has been guiding the mission line of the Presbyterian Church since ancient times, and the promoter behind the desperate disaster is Kerapac, which is a kind of scientific The advanced race, named "Dragon Race", has existed in the universe since the era before this game. In "Age of Despair", Kerapac suggested that the council use ancient time-controlled artifacts called "needles" to put the elder gods into sleep and then steal them from under their noses with the purpose of killing these gods. In order to stop his plan, players must now explore the history of dragons in the "Lost Land" era, which introduced dinosaurs to RuneScape in 2019.

Although the scope of RuneScape continues to expand, Osborne said that the content being implemented now and the content planned to be released in the future is very much in line with the overall philosophy of the game, that is, the experience that players can view anytime, anywhere. Developers regard RuneScape as a game that makes progress in small-scale games, usually by improving personal skills to enhance the player's avatar ability. This is not only applicable to RuneScape Mobile and Old School RuneScape (versions before RuneScape 3), its latest mobile port is still supported by it. Buy RS Gold at RSGOLDB2C provides players with a wide range of choices, and you can buy any products you need.


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