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Harvest Will Not Become Core Path of Exile Content

14 sierpnia 2020, 03:41
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The core content of the latest season of the Path of Exile of Harvest is to plant different types of seeds to harvest and then get rewards to become a stronger leader. Buy POE Currency can trade items to obtain more powerful weapons. Harvest League has been sought after by players since its launch. Will Harvest League become part of the core content of Road to Exile? Well, it seems the answer is no.

Grinding Gear Games responded before releasing 3.12 on September 1. It should be noted that 3.12 will be launched on the PC on September 18, and the game console will be released on the 23rd. But regarding Harvest League, Grinding Gear Games explained why the current 3.11 content will not be the core content of "Path of Exile".

Grinding Gear Games said, “When we designed Harvest, we wanted to try a more deterministic production system that would enable players to use powerful items earlier in the character development process. Therefore, Harvest requires a lot of renewal Balance can reach a healthy level of strength. We will re-evaluate the craftsmanship to determine how much of it we are willing to keep and how much of the remaining craftsmanship needs to be rebalanced."

In addition to these issues, Grinding Gear Games also said that Harvest’s core mechanism will create database issues for the amount of data stored. This makes us look forward to the future of the Path of Exile. Personally, I hope that the future will enable me to use Chaos Orb where I need it most.


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