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Madden 21: Who will be the next member of the 99 club after Russell Wilson

21 października 2020, 10:00
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The relevant introduction of Madad 21 99 club and the prediction of which player can join the 99 club

Some time ago, Russell Wilson entered the Madden 21 99 club in the crowd. Entering the 99 club in the game means that this player is one of the best players in the NFL, so you know how harsh the conditions for entering here are. After Russell Wilson, who will be the next member of the 99 club? Here are a few players, and listen to the opinions of the majority of gamers. Thank u4gm for the information provided for this article. Gamers who want to buy Madden Coins are welcome to u4gm. As a seller of Madden Coins, u4gm aims to provide everyone with the safest and cheapest Madden Coins and is committed to creating a good gaming atmosphere for everyone. u4gm is definitely a seller of Madden Coins you can trust.


Deandre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals
Although Hopkins showed a steady performance last season, Madden 21 still only gave him 98OVR. But in this season Hopkins continues to prove that he is one of the best players in the NFL in the game. In the previous five games, he shocked everyone with his excellent performance of receiving more than 100 yards per game. If Hopkins continues to maintain such a hot state, Madden 21 will undoubtedly list it as a member of the Madden 99 club.

San Francisco 49ers George Kittle
Gamers may be skeptical about this candidate, especially after George Kittle was downgraded. But George Kittle’s upside is amazing. In the fourth week, George Kittle scored 183 receiving yards and 15 steals. If George Kittle can maintain a stable performance, then he will eventually have One day will be scored into 99 clubs.

Cleveland Browns Mel Garrett
Although he has only played six games this season, Melgarrett already has seven sacks. With this alone, he has reached the level of Aaron Donald, who is a member of the 99 club. And he has the advantage of being younger, so he is very likely to enter the 99 club in the future.

Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson
As the cover player of Madden 21 and the hottest star player in the current league, Lamar Jackson seems destined to enter the Madden 99 club in the future. This seems to be the script of Patrick Mahoms once again. As long as Lamar Jackson has more Super Bowl champions, then the 99 club seats will be readily available.

Tennessee Titans Derek Henry
As the NFL game progressed to the sixth week, Derek Henry led the league in rushing yards by 100 yards, which is almost the entire game for a player to get yards. And he is only 26 years old. If he can keep going and maybe after the 1800-yard sprint season, he will be included in the 99 club.

The above is an analysis of the players who may enter the Madden 99 club. I don't know what the majority of gamers think. Welcome to tell me.

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