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Madden 21:Best Base MUT Cornerbacks

28 listopada 2020, 09:58
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Madden 21 Guide

In Madden 21, in order to better prevent the opponent's pass in the game, gamers need to have a good cornerback in their team. Gamers can use Madden 21 mut coins to get strong cornerbacks, but among the many cornerbacks in Madden 21, who is the most suitable player for their team? Here is an introduction to the top five cornerbacks in Madden 21.

Stephon Gilmore (99OVR)
Not only is Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore the highest-rated cornerback in Online Head to Head action, but he has the best OVR (99) among corners in MUT. Standing at 6'1'', Gilmore should be a solid matchup against taller wide receivers, and his Speed (92), Man Coverage (99), and Zone Coverage (96) attributes are some of the best in the game. Gilmore may cost a lot, but he's worth the price, considering he'll perform in any situation.

Jalen Ramsey (97OVR)
Rams CB Jalen Ramsey is the second-highest rated (97 OVR) base cornerback in MUT, behind only Stephon Gilmore. We do, however, like Ramsey a little bit better than Sherman, as Ramsey not only has better Speed (91 versus Sherman's 87 Speed attribute), but the former first-round pick also is a better man coverage back. Ramsey's 97 Man Coverage attribute is 11 points higher than Sherman's 88 rating. And standing at 6'1'', Ramsey can match up well against both smaller and taller wide receivers.

Jaire Alexander (92OVR)
As the third-highest cornerback in Madden 21, Jaire Alexander has an overall rating of 92OVR in the game. His speed of 93 is higher than Stephon Gilmore and Jalen Ramsey. Although his man coverage and zone coverage scores are lower than the top two, the man coverage score of 95 and the zone coverage score of 90 are also enough to make him in Madden. 21 occupies an important position among the many cornerbacks.

Marlon Humphrey (91OVR)
Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey lands on this list, as his Speed and Man Coverage attributes put him past other corners in Madden 21. Armed with 92 Speed and 93 Man Coverage attributes and a slew of other solid ratings (93 Acceleration, 88 Play Recognition), Humphrey can match up pretty well in a man coverage system.

Tre'Davious White (91OVR)
Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White has an overall rating of 91OVR in Madden 21, and he also has basic attributes of 91 speed, 93 Acceleration, 90 Play Recognition, 92 man coverage and 90 zone coverage. It should be difficult for gamers to determine who he is better than Marlon Humphrey.

The above players are the best of the cornerbacks in Madden 21. If gamers can get one of the above 5 players when forming a themed team, the team will be greatly improved in strength.

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