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And he is tackling a particular point made in the report.

20 stycznia 2021, 04:07
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"Since it has not been a year since it premiered, it hasn't been possible for Animal Crossing Items most kids to buy it, but for now it's a game with a user group that's probably different from the own expectations," he said.

I will move a little off the rails here, and wonder if that drove them for a major loop. Would they prefer that this was mostly enjoyed by kids? Kids (can be) more adapting and they surely have a much smaller voice when it comes to feedback.

Fundamentally, will they try to appease their older audience (who showed up in droves) or attempt to change to match to make it less attractive to adults and more (or only) appealing to children?

For me personally it's not even that, it is the second onwards profiles have limited abilities. That fuckin blows and stop me from becoming the match. Otherwise I would have loved to discuss an island with my husband.

It's not perfect, but it really doesn't hamstring you like you think/people say.

I personally love sharing the island with my wife and daughter. I definitely understand wanting one to yourself as well. As always, more options and flexibility are always better.

Yeah, if the two players were equal owners and could"advance" the island equally, it would be OK. I have it and my daughter would be the island owner so there's nothing I can do unless she goes and does exactly the quests.

And he is tackling a particular point made in the report. Does he need to explore every single topic before making a comment?

This is obviously not a game designed toward nearly all people on this sub. I do not really understand all of the hating given many people here didn't play with the previous ones or clearly are interested in a game which is not Animal Crossing.

Do not like decorating? Do not like talking to villagers? That's disliking the core of what the game is meant to be and it is no wonder you'd hate it.

Just so absurd to watch people get up in arms over a series not meant to be their jam.

I really don't think that has been the gist of the criticism at all. Folks have critiqued the sport for the ways that it deviated from the old games, not because the AC formula is not for players.

There is still content which has to come out for ACNH, I really don't believe we could say it's not the same when we have not seen everything they are going to launch yet! Sure it sucks that some of the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket cool furniture from the other games is not inside yet, but I expect that will come later as shop upgrades occur and whatnot.


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