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Oh, it requires cherry blossom petals to make

14 stycznia 2021, 03:11
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Of course, that is in contrast to Animal Crossing Items the other method they like to use, where every item is from a rare random seasonal DIY fall, also requires limited seasonal materials to craft.

"I love this tree! Oh, it requires cherry blossom petals to make. I'll make this rug rather. Never mindit requires summer shells. Maybe I can craft this ornament? I'll settle with this pumpkin wand. Oh, I do not have all 4 variations of pumpkins. Wintertime? Got to stock up on snowflakes!"

I only want to decorate a full sized home with some fancy furniture. Every bedroom is antique. Every other themed island is"Japanese themed", since that's one of the only 3 topics out there in this game.

I originally thought it was a good idea, I like this in game events are tied to actual life holidays because I think that it fits much better with the intent of the match. But I saw just how much normal/standard content has been lost. Since they've dedicated to semi-regular holiday events that they do not really have time or resources to devote to Animal Crossing Bells For Sale the standard content that's still missing.


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