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Technical Communication

20 stycznia 2021, 16:32
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Technical communication is the combination of digital and human activity. Whenever people who are participants of a business relationship share any information, they answer different questions. They should think with whom they can share this information, how others will react to it, which information is relevant to the situation, what actions it suggests, and what the consequences can be. Professional ethics is an important matter of discussion of many professionals now. The conflict of the individuals right to keep his personal life private and the rights of his co-workers and employers to know what kind of person they work with. The swot analysis essay of personal life confidentiality in business is rather complex, and its solving is extremely important for preventing personal abuse of any business relationship participant.

In business, clients are assured that any aspect of their communication with business partner remain confidential. Whenever this is violated, the client feels injured and betrayed. There should be policies and sanctions concerning violations of confidentiality. It is crucially important to develop a high level of responsibility in order to be a decent business partner. Low personal values or the lack of responsibility for ones own words and work in general can lead not only to the loss of clients, but to major material losses, and even the permanent loss of companys authority.

Some people may say that there are cases when one needs to reveal confidential and personal information. Indeed, there are cases when this information can help to cure an illness, save someones life, prevent the crime, save a victim or punish the guilty person. However, people are more likely to reveal personal and confidential information when they can benefit from it. Whether it is the annual sales volumes, a list of partner companies, a competitors weak point, a new unpublished project of an opponent company that becomes public without any permit, there is always someone who benefits and even makes a profit from it.

Keeping the information promotes the image of the company and opens communication. It shows the strength of the values and morals of the employees, which adds to the companys trust. In business ethics, the issue of confidentiality and untouchability of personal life is the criterion of integrity and professional development of the enterprise.


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