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How To Talk To Girls

12 października 2021, 16:28
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Take these three keys of how to talk to beautiful women on board, and your abilities to talk to women will increase like mad, and your interactions will be more successful from now on.

You already know how to talk to girls, you just don’t realize it yet. In this post, I’m gonna awaken your inner conversational flow, and help you have interesting, funny conversations with women in a way that increases their attraction to you. I believe that everyone can do this given the right framework and these simple hints.

The more you talk, the more they like you. This is how to get girls. Sound good? Let’s get down to it…

Our biggest issue with how to talk to a girl is the ‘running out of things to say’ syndrome(tm). You talk for a few minutes, then there is a lull, and you say, “Nice to meet you.” and go on your merry way. We’re gonna sort that in this article.

The second biggest thing guys struggle with when talking to girls is how to talk to mature women and be interesting, and not bore them. We’re gonna cover that too.

And the final, perhaps most crucial point we’ll cover is how to convey attractive qualities in your conversations. So the more you say, the greater their attraction to you becomes. This is what we want, and generally a good thing. :-)

How to never run out of things to say

This is much easier than you think. Have you ever played that word-association game when you were a kid? One person said something, and you took a word from the sentence they said, and said a new sentence based on it. Well, we can apply exactly the same thing to our conversations with women, I call this the conversational flow, and once you try it, you’ll realise that this simple technique enables you to talk for hours to women (or anyone for that matter).

Here’s an example:
You: I love this song.
Her: Yeah, I like Coldplay
You: That’s cool. I saw them play live last year in Manchester. They were amazing. You ever been to Manchester?
Her: No.
You: <talk about Manchester> …you should travel more often, it’s so much fun going on adventures. <talk about travelling>
…and so on.

As you can see, the basic idea is to take a subject from what was just said, and then talk about that for a while. We started off by talking about the song playing, then Coldplay, then live music, then Manchester, then travelling, and so on. From here you can go into talking about different countries, or different adventures, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.

This is really similar to how a good comedian will transition between different stories and jokes in a stand up routine. Ever notice how natural the flow of a good comedian is, so much that you don’t even notice when they change subjects? That’s our aim here, a natural conversational flow that goes on, and on, and on… This flow is the secret of how to talk to girls.

How to be interesting

Now that you know how to talk to a woman for hours, let’s make sure that the woman you are speaking to wants to listen to you! It’s no good if you are just blabbering, as she is getting more and more bored by the second. What to say / What to talk about.

Here’s the key. The more emotionally impactful you can make what you talk about, the more engaging it will be.

Talk about how things made you feel. Express your emotions. This will cause her to experience a bit of the same emotional state as you are describing. This rollercoaster of emotions is what will make what you have to say really interesting.

It’s like the best films you can think of: They make you laugh, cry, angry, tense, scared, happy. It’s this rollercoaster of emotions that we humans find so compelling.

Notice next time you are bored by someone. I guarantee it is because they are talking about stuff without any emotional impact. Don’t be that guy.

If you talk to a random girl about travel, talk about the thrill, the excitement, the feeling of doing something for the first time, the adventure. If you are talking about a film, talk about how it was sooo sad, or made you laugh like crazy.

Focus on the emotions as much (or more than) the subject of your conversations, and you will always be interesting.

How to build attraction into conversations

The final piece to the conversational puzzle, is how to convey attractive qualities. This way, the more you talk about, the more the girl you are talking to will be attracted to you.

The big three when it comes to attraction are:
1. Leadership.
2. Protecting your loved ones.
3. Expressing your emotions.

These traits must be implied, not stated directly, or they will have little or no effect. Let her work out that you are a leader, a protector and express your emotions and you will be able to talk about just about anything.

Some examples.

To convey leadership, talk about how you organized a trip or even for your friends. Talk about how you are living towards your vision, your purpose in life. Talk about how you organize others to help you achieve your group’s goals and aspirations.

To convey that you are a protector, talk about a time when you did exactly that. Maybe it was your younger brother getting bullied in the playground and you stood up to them, or maybe you rescued your cat from a mean dog. Both convey that you protect the ones close to you.

Number 3 is pretty much covered by the emotional content of your conversations and stories, as explained above. But you can add extra impact if you talk about something that was really sad for you, like how you recently lost a grandparent, or when you were younger and your pet died and you said goodbye.

I’m sure you can think of things that have happened in your life to talk about, so you don’t have to make any of these stories up. In fact, I advise against it.

If they are real for you, you won’t have to ‘memorize’ them, you can just tell them as you recall them from your life. This is the best, most authentic and honest way to talk about these things.

So there you go, how to talk to girls for hours whilst being interesting and attractive at the same time. Now I’m not saying you’ll have magical powers and know how to talk a girl into the sack, but… Take these three keys of how to talk to beautiful women on board, and your abilities to talk to women will increase like mad, and your interactions will be more successful from now on.



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