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How to Talk to Women on the Phone

12 października 2021, 16:32
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I’m going to be sharing some mind-blowing stuff to improve your phone skills that will help you totally crush it when speaking on the phone with mature women. Phone training just for you. Watch this space…

Have you ever had that horrible, pit-of-the-stomach-churning feeling when you go to call and talk to mature women on the phone? Or maybe you get a phone call and you see it’s the number of the girl you met the other night. You are not alone.

Here’s the interesting thing though: Think back to when you were younger. Was this that much of an issue back then? Was there a time before, when the phone didn’t pose a threat, and didn’t instil bed-wetting fear in you? Did you ever have one of those plastic toy phones where you could press the buttons and it made the sound of farm yard animals? That was *fun* right?

Or maybe you remember the times when you were just a child, and the phone would ring and you would pick it up and say a cute, “Hello…” to whoever it was calling. You know the one, where the other person (phone caller) would say, “Is your mummy or daddy there?” and you would reply, “Yeah I’ll go get ‘em for you.” just like that, no fear at all. Simple.

Yet, as with many things in life, as we grow up, this irrational fear of using the phone to make a phone call often manifests. And it’s really strange you know. This is an inanimate object we are talking about. It’s a plastic box with circuits and shit inside it.

It’s a tool. It should be something you embrace. Plus the mobile phone has made it become part of everyday life and so you need to learn How to Talk to Mature women on the Phone more than ever. Yeah calling someone on the phone isn’t as good as talking in the person, but it’s massively convenient when you’re separated by distance. You can definitely use it to help you get a girl. You can build attraction over it, you can build trust, you can share fantasies, hopes, dreams. You can even get mature women so turned on over the phone that they are literally begging for you to come over then and there. And we’ll get to that…

But first, confession time: I too once had an irrational fear of phones. I didn’t feel comfortable using the phone to make a phone call, and when it rang I would often get this jolt of fear through my entire body. I don’t know where this fear came from. It was totally irrational. Maybe I didn’t use the phone enough when I was a teenager (I didn’t speak to my friends at all on the phone really). Who knows?

The real fact is I was just too scared to use the phone. If I had a call to make (to a girl, or anyone), I would put it off, and make every excuse in the book to get out of it. I would try and get other people to call for me: my mum, sister, whoever was around. I made mental excuses: I believed it was better to talk in person. I thought I would be calling at an inconvenient time, and I would be disturbing this person by calling them. You could say I was just not a fan of phone conversation :-)

It got to the point where I felt that sick feeling whenever I knew I had to use the phone. It had a negative effect on my life, especially when it came to mature women.

I remember this one time, a girl I met at Loveawake dating site called Lara called me up. This girl was seriously hot, and I had been after her for months (getting hardly anywhere I might add). Needless to say, I was totally unprepared for the call. It caught me off guard, and I fumbled through a few minutes of cringeworthy conversation before she was like, “Ok, I gotta go do some homework now.” (or something like that). And we never spoke again. Not on the phone, not ever.

I felt crushed. I felt like I had thrown it all away.
That’s when I decided enough was enough. I didn’t want something so seemingly trivial as the bloody phone controlling my life like this. I decided I was going to get this aspect of my life called, ‘talking to mature women on the phone’ handled – once and for all.

So, true to my usual form, I took some drastic action to improve my phone skills. I start doing drills such as; ringing up to order pizzas and calling up random numbers in the phonebook to see how long I could keep them talking. I also took a job at a big call centre near where I lived. I was answering the phone 8 hours a day, and having literally thousands of phone conversations a month.

Soon I realised the phone was nothing to be scared of. Now, I consider talking on the phone to be one of my greatest strengths, rather that one of my biggest weaknesses, as it was prior to my doing all this. I’ve got this stuff down so tight I can teach it to someone else in a few short hours, not the months of pain and suffering I had to go through.

So, if you’re currently struggling to talk to mature women on the phone then take heart. I *know* you can get this issue sorted, and probably in a much shorter time-frame than you ever thought possible. I work from my own personalised system now, based on thousands of phone interactions I’ve had over the years. I’ve never shared any of this stuff anywhere ever before, but look out for something a little special from me later this week. I’m going to be sharing some mind-blowing stuff to improve your phone skills that will help you totally crush it when speaking on the phone with mature women. Phone training just for you. Watch this space…



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