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business and its information security systems

29 lipca 2021, 10:17
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Ensuring we move forward into the new reality with robust and secure business communications will require responsibility to be shared, between the cloud phone provider, the business and its information security systems, and ultimately — every end user.

This will make certain we can continue to work safely and flexibly, wherever the new normal takes us, and on any approved device. Effective cybersecurity depends on every link in the chain being maintained in an aware and intelligent way, and we all have a part to play.

While the visible change in the lockdown crisis was where people sat to do their work, behind the scenes what mattered was the location of the data and services they used to get it done. Those organizations most resilient and ready weren’t necessarily those with the hundred-page disaster recovery policies and extensive scenario testing under their belts — it was those who already had decentralized cloud communications and storage in place.

Enterprises who already used a business cloud telephone system like Ringover, in additional to online access to their data and assets, had a significant advantage.For lots of businesses, voice calling was, in fact, the final frontier of a lengthy cloud migration strategy.

Having moved most of their assets and other communications to cloud-based systems over a period of time, they still depended on a legacy PBX located in a physical data center somewhere, waiting to prioritize this shift once external factors like the POTS switch off finally nudged them to take action. There were probably a lot of expenses claims, during the early part of lockdown, in these organisations - from people forced to use their own mobile calling plans and data, to stay in touch with colleagues and clients.

But for the fully VoIP enabled it was so much easier to integrate the final stage of true location-independent working, and get their teams up and running fast — without having to ship out devices or install new lines, because of native apps which would run on anything they already had at home.

Security wise, were corners cut by some organizations during the crisis? Undoubtedly, particularly at first — it was probably seen as more important to get people online and hooked into the office systems, especially those who others looked to for leadership and reassurance, via any means possible. Setting up their VPNs and firewall was of course important, but we know that in some cases this happened afterwards. In addition, the crisis itself spawned a depressing multitude of opportunistic scams, from bogus exposure alerts to fake test results, with bad actors keen to take advantage too of the naturally lowered guard people feel about work-related security issues in a domestic environment.

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