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Types Of Wax To Depilate And Which Is The Best For You

7 kwietnia 2021, 14:51
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There are different types of wax to choose from. It may be recommended to try all of them and check the results in person to decide, but it is also good to read about them.

There are different types of wax to choose from.It may be recommended to try all of them and check the results in person to decide, but it is also good to read about them.If you have sensitive skin, you want to perform the technique yourself or you want to wax only a certain area, you can go directly to the best option having the appropriate information.

Types of Wax for Shaving

Hot wax

This type of wax is widely used in any beauty salon.Solid wax tablets or sticks are used that are melted in an apparatus and heated before use.The centers use it a lot for all its benefits: it can be reused after passing through a filter, it is cheaper, it removes the hair for a longer time, it is very moldable to the size of the area to be waxed ... Learn to wax in this traditional way and doing it flawlessly takes time.

Roll-On Cartridges

It is also called warm wax, because it is at a temperature between hot and cold. The cartridges contain the wax and the way to apply it at the same time: a roller. The cartridge must be heated in a special base such as hot wax, but it cools quickly when applied to the skin. It is not as moldable as the previous one, and straight bands the size of the roller will be drawn on the skin. That is why it is used in large areas such as legs and arms. You can use this technique Anyone in your home if they have the materials, but some guidelines must be followed. There are steps prior to waxing and also post-waxing.

Cold Wax

It is also called wax in bands for its presentation.A thin layer of wax is between two bands that, to separate, requires the heat of the friction of the hands.After separating, it is placed on the skin and removed with a strong pull against the hair.This hair removal wax can be inconvenient if done incorrectly.

Colored Wax

The different colors of the wax are indicative for use on the corresponding skin type.It can be consulted on the labeling of any wax for hair removal.The professionals of an aesthetic center will know the codes.

How to choose the wax to depilate that suits you best?

There are some types of waxes more suitable for certain areas.There are also professionals who specialize in using only one type of hair removal.

Choose Hot Wax If ...

  • You want a more lasting result (1 month)
  • You do not have sensitive skin in any area
  • You have long hair and are prepared for it
  • Compensates for pain the first time with a decrease in the force at which hair grows
  • We want to remove hair from small areas such as armpits, abdomen or English.

Choose Warm Wax If ...

  • We have sensitive skin
  • We want to wax arms or legs only
  • We want it to be fast

Choose Cold Wax If ...

  • We want to wax at home
  • The skin has varicose veins
  • There are circulatory problems that prevent using the other options
  • Recommended by the esthetician
  • We need the fastest way to wax

Everybody has facial hair and it's nothing to be worried about. Natural Organic Health and Beauty Products offer a wide range of solutions for facial hair removal for the upper lip, chin hair or jawline. Rica waxes are specifically formulated for delicate facial skin.

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