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Perforation Machine Manufacturer

27 lipca 2021, 08:01
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Perforation Machine Manufacturer

As a leading producer of perforating machines in the world, Burckhardt has been known for high rate and customisable products in the field of perforation.Get more news about Cuber Perforator Machine,you can vist our website!

For many years, Burckhardt has been producing and developing machines for versatile areas of application. Additionally, our years of experience, with performance and quality checks enable the advanced production of high precision and perforating machines. Together with powerful perforating machines, Burckhardt perforating tools deliver maximum performances.
After few years of development, as a major perforation machine supplier and manufacturer, we are able to offer five perforating machines “families” catering to the individual needs of our customers in different areas.

If you require perforation of any type, Burckhardt has the expertise to assist you with your project. Burckhardt offers solutions for packaging, automotive and pharmaceutical industry, for food and agricultural production, Non-Wovens and Hygiene, technical textiles, construction and other industries.

You can find the description and options for the four types below.

NEW! Easy Opening System Perforator – EOS – easy tear-off machine
PAB-H Type – hot perforation for various applications
PAB-K Type – cold perforation for various applications
Premium Type – high-end perforation for complex tasks
Hot-Speed Type – film perforation at its best 


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