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  • Happy to obtain 7% off 07 runescape gold on RSorder before Jul.28 Turns out my scale was slightly off and I was still underweight, but they let me enlist osrs gold anyways. Went to go take a relieve shit after I got cleared and they made me take a battle buddy who was a guy that was enlisting in the navy and had gotten his nipples pierced a couple of days before.They made him take out his nipple rings before MEPs so he was trying to put them back in but the holes closed.

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    To enjoy Long-expected OSRS Song of the Elves, welcome to join RSorder special event with up to 7% discounts for OSRS gold, runescape gold and all other products from July.19 to July.28, 2019.

    5% off code "STE5" for All Orders.
    7% off code "STE7" for $120+ Orders.

    Besides, you can use 6% off code "JUSTPP" for Osrs gold / Runescape 3 Gold and all other products buying from anytime.
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