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  • Special Gift- $18 Off for RS07 Gold Offered at RSorder til Nov.23 Also why have the C not been asked the hard questions? Like why the hurry to leave OK? Why rs 2007 gold not get all the paperwork signed before they left? Why the whole secrecy surronding baby birth? They filed for adoption in SC 3 DAYS AFTER SHE WAS BORN before both states had even approved the transfer of the baby to SC, why wait 4 mths to notify father and why is it not a TPR and just I wont contest adoption and I waive my 30 days?? WHy did they ignore the mom when according to the SC ruling she told them all he was NA even after the denial came in? Why did they not send their lawyer to the base with a TPR right after she was born? No one not one reporter or Dr Phil or ANderson Cooper has ever asked the C any of these questions.

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    siemka witam :)
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