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  • There are many tradit There are many traditional Chinese festivals []Cheep Newports With Stamps[/url], just like the flowers in a large garden. Different flowers bloom in different seasons, and they compete for beauty, which makes the gardens colorful; different festivals come on different days, and they are rich and colorful, which makes our life more colorful. I, but I love the gardenia-like Dragon Boat Festival, which blooms in May and June. why? Because I like the unique taste of the Dragon Boat Festival. taste of the Dragon Boat Festival is fragrant and sultry, and it is the scent of the scent that the scorpion sent. On the Dragon Boat Festival, every family should prepare a sumptuous dinner. The essential food is the scorpion. The shapes of the scorpions are different, triangular, square, and cylindrical...but no matter what shape, as long as you untie the tying rope and open the cilantro, the rich but elegant fragrance will scent. Come and spread in front of you, it��s mouth-watering! Gently bite a bite before the drip is dripping, and the sweetness of the sticky glutinous rice and candied dates fills the entire mouth. Between the lips and teeth, the aftertaste is endless. This is the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival.taste of the Dragon Boat Festival is happy and joyful, and it is the sweetness of reunion with family. Every year at the Dragon Boat Festival, Mom and Dad will take me back to my grandmother's house []Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa[/url], eat together, and laugh together. Grandparents will kindly ask me about my study and whether my father and mother work smoothly; we will always ask about their physical condition. Although there are only a few words, every time I see a happy smile on my grandparents' face, I will have an inexplicable touch []Buy Us Marlboro Online[/url]. This kind of touch seems like a few drops of honey slipped into my heart, very sweet and very happy []Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S[/url]. This is the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival []Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps[/url].taste of the Dragon Boat Festival is awe-inspiring. It is Qu Yuan��s patriotic feelings and the long-lasting charm of the article. More than two thousand years ago, the poet succumbed to the reason that "all people are drunk and I am awake" and cast a suicide in Luojiang. From then on, the Luo Luojiang sacrificed the poet of high-spirited festivals. Every time the Dragon Boat Festival came, the descendants came to pay respect and mourn. And his "Li Sao" has also been passed down through the ages for future generations to learn.father who loves to write poetry also wrote a poem for this at the Dragon Boat Festival: to / the darkest page in history / because of sorrow / the sun once on the Miluo River / fallen / hope not to hold / its sinking wingsed over / the darkest day of history / because of dawn / the East is everywhere twilight / time can not be buried / his glamorous / literary treasures - "Li Sao"g all kinds of flowers, I love gardenia flowers because she is ordinary and simple; in all festivals, I love the Dragon Boat Festival because it is profound; in the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival, I only love Qu Yuan because of his personality. fragrance! Od: ylq123 Data: 17 stycznia 2019, 08:22


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