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  • Large stock of runescape gold cheap with Up to 9% off for Valkyrie's Return Till Jan.27 And now in the 21st century some completely collosal idiots want to break down these international rs gold alliances and have us all revert back to nation states which have nothing at all to with each other very much.Making war, poverty and misery again inevitable for all of us.

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    Soon, they be left with very few select titles like pubg, and a bunch of indie greenlight stuff. It time they develop games again, but collecting royalties has been too good for them, so maybe when they start bleeding soon, they may actually make something.

    As sad as i was when breaking bad ended, and as sad i be BCS will be ending soon, i glad those shows end with dignity. I still fondly remember BB, it never got worse, only better.

    You don have the perspective of a new player. I suggest EVER trying a new game out, and see how disconnected from big time issues you are at first. At first you just want to play and play and play. You not concerned that you splash more at bosses, you thrilled to be killing them in the first place.

    Also people like you seriously underestimate the marketing power of the loyalty system as it currently stands, and which is the main reason jagex wants it to remain the shitty way it is. It not that they lazy to fix it, they actively want it this way, because it more profitable for them.A good show must end, and Vince knew it, both with BCS and BB, he got a tight timeline,

    lung cancer for Walt, and a prequel for BCS, he can mill around forever releasing filler episodes and cliffhangers. He has a story, and it progressing at a rapid pace.The consumers HAVE made their opinions known, that why lootboxes and heavy mnetisation is going strong. If it wasn making good money, they wouldn do it. Gaming has become far more casual and common in circles that didn bother with anything gaming related 20 years ago.

    This may seem like nothing special, but just think for a second how the landscape has changed from 20 years ago. It was also very gradual, so 15 years ago it was still not the same it is today, but it has been slowly creeping up.And people that have busy lives with their 8 9 hour days, it can seem more friendly for them to just pay their one hour salary and get a bunch of progress in a game, instead of grinding like 30 40 hours how it used to be back in the day.
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