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    Just suffer this financial loss to be spared greater disaster, moreover these are ill gotten gains. Xinhua report said Fan evaded 7.3 million yuan in taxes by using a secret contract worth 20 million yuan that she signed for starring in the Chinese film Spirit. She instead paid taxes on a contract for only 10 million yuan, it said.

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    Growing up on the Autism Spectrum is difficult; for the individual, for parents, educators, siblings and friends. It is made (relatively) easier by the degree to which that individual has support; financial, emotional, institutional or otherwise. The harsh reality of new found adult status can be jarring, if not entirely all consuming and down right depressing at times.

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    It's too bad the rest of the experience feels so lifeless. Structurewise, "Riptide" feels a lot like Gearbox's "Borderlands" games, with quest givers and loot sprinkled liberally throughout the game world. Sadly, though, "Riptide" has little of "Borderlands'" oddball humor or over the top goofiness.
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