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  • Pharmaceutical Translation Pharmaceutical Translation The pharmaceutical translation is required at many stages, including clinical research, regulatory submission and review, production, and...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:50więcej

  • CMC Documentation CMC Documentation CMC stands for Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls. The process in which drugs are evaluated with regard to their specific qualifications is...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:49więcej

  • Summary of Product Characteristics; SmPC Translation Summary of Product Characteristics; SmPC Translation The SmPC is part of the broader Product Information (PI), which also includes the Package Leaflet (PL) and names the authorization holder, as well...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:49więcej

  • United States Prescribing Information; USPI Translation United States Prescribing Information; USPI Translation United States Prescribing Information (USPI) sets out the agreed usage of the drug. It provides information on usage for healthcare professionals,...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:48więcej

  • Clinical Trial Translations Clinical Trial Translations More clinical trials are conducted in multi-countries, such as Asia, Latin America, or Central and Eastern Europe. Even US-based studies recruit...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:47więcej

  • Common Technical Document Translation; CTD Translation Common Technical Document Translation; CTD Translation The Common Technical Document (CTD) is a set of specifications for a dossier to register medicines. After the United States, European Union and...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:47więcej

  • Regulatory Translation Regulatory Translation Regulatory compliance is the key to acquiring product licenses and the cornerstone to access new markets. The regulatory translation is the...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:46więcej

  • Medical Device Translation Medical Device Translation The prospect of overseas opportunities drives medical device firms to develop medical device products. It requires careful translation of all...  Od:protheragen Data:29 stycznia 2021, 14:45więcej


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