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Take a look at what they have updated in Path of Exile 1.79 patch

14 maja 2021, 03:07
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In order for players to enjoy more complete content, Path of Exile added a patch called 1.79 to the game some time ago.

In order for players to enjoy more complete content, Path of Exile added a patch called 1.79 to the game some time ago. Most players have well known the development history of POE. There are new updates for cross-platform games, some of which are specific to the console and other things that affect these three aspects. This latest patch is specific to PS4 and Xbox One and is part of that patch, while they have also made other changes on other platforms, collectively referred to as 3.14.1. Players should also prepare more POE Currency to deal with it.

Players on the console need to know that there are some updates that are specific to the console. The developers improved Ultimatum encounter selection process. Players currently need to hold down the corresponding button to make a selection before the ultimatum expires until the display bar filled. They also improved the interaction between Trialmaster and the cursor, updated the NeverSink loot filter and removed the looted target items from the Trade Bureau.

When players stand in the Stone Circle, they will encounter a larger circle. And players can now get more experience points by killing monsters in the circle, and the drop rate of rare items dropped from monsters has also been increased to make it more consistent with other ultimatum encounters. The development team also limited the number of rare monsters generated per wave during the ultimatum encounter encounter. They also used the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier.

Most of the problems that players and feedback have complained about have resolved. They also have more motivation to play Path of Exile Ultimatum, which also increases players’ demand for POE Orbs. Ambitious and competitive players can also POE Currency Buy to chase the highest achievements to get a sense of accomplishment.


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