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His boat was sunk close to the fishing system so move there

5 maja 2021, 03:12
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You'll Also Require a Jug of OSRS gold Wine, Karajama Rum, 5k plus a Asgarnian Ale. Additionally you must retrieve a peg leg. Talk to Redbeard Frank and Request his hook. He will inform you that first you have to get him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. You find Emily in the tavern crying. You ask what's wrong and she lets you know that she's going to need to close the tavern because she isn't getting enough buisness. She says she wants 5,000 GP to stay open. Ask her if you give her 5k if she will go on a date with Redbeard Frank, and she insists. He'll then give you his hook. Now You Only Need to Purchase a Jug of Wine and also an Asgarnian Ale. To acquire the Karajama Rum you need to smuggle it into using the Banana Plantation such as you failed in Pirate's Treasure Quest. He says that when his boat was sunk by a rival pirate, he dropped his prized gold peg leg. He states that if you get it back for him then he'll give you his regular peg leg.

His boat was sunk close to the fishing system so move there. Be sure that you bring a Fishing Rod with you! After on the Fishing Platform visit the southern most fishing place and throw your pole. After catching a couple of fish you will find Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. Bring all the things back to Trader Stan and he will tell you to do one final task.

You must kill the Sea Serpent that sank a boat carrying 1/2 of his trading supplies. Now grab the best mage or variety equipment you've got and sail on Trader Stan's Vessel, which has been fixed with 2 cannons and 2 catapults. Once the captain gets you to cheap RuneScape gold the place - Somewhere near Pirate's Cove - Wait for about a second and then the Serpent will apear. He will only stay above the water for a minute at a time so aim your shots wisely. Congratulations! You've finished the'A Sailor's Life for Me!' Quest!

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